KNIPEX Pliers and Diagonal cutters for electronics

On Mister Worker™ you can shop a wide range of KNIPEX pliers and diagonal cutters for electronics. Check out the re-engineered electronics diagonal cutters, end nippers and gripping pliers with box joint design!

Knipex electronics pliers have a new design and are easier to use! The optimised hinge design provides greater lateral stability and makes these pliers longer-lasting and more powerful. The slimmer head design improves accessibility, while the new slim, raised handles allow for sensitive guiding. Rounded edges prevent damage to components and cutting becomes easier thanks to the improved transmission ratio and the slimmer cutting wedge.

Gripping pliers for electronics 

If you are looking for special pliers for electronics, Knipex 35 11 115 are load-optimised precision pliers for a more direct feel when working, they are sturdy, ideal for gripping, holding and bending, with a smooth gripping surface, no sharp edges to ensure soft transitions and low-friction double spring for a gentle and even opening. If you need pliers with electrically discharging handles, check out instead Knipex electronics pliers 35 12 115 ESD. For very precise assembly work, the precision electronics gripping pliers 34 12 130 are approximately 20% lighter than conventional electronics pliers, with ergonomically optimised multi-component handles.

Diagonal cutters, diagonal side cutters and precision diagonal cutters for electronics

Diagonal cutters are essential tools for a wide range of work activities: Knipex produces all its cutters paying particular attention to the materials used.
For example, check out the 64 42 115 Electronics End Cutting Nipper with handles with multi-component grips: they’re Precision pliers for ultra fine cutting work, e. g. in electronics and fine mechanics, the 77 12 115 ESD electronics diagonal cutter head mirror polished, handles with multi-component grips and round head or the 79 22 120 Precision electronics diagonal cutter with polished mini-head and handles with multi-component grips. Finally, check out the electronic Super knips® diagonal cutters. This last tool ensures highest standards of performance and results when carrying out ultra-fine cutting work.