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Screwdrivers, keys, bits by HAZET

Hazet Screwdrivers, Keys and Bits 

Hazet Screwdrivers

Hazet screwdrivers are one of the essential tools in your tool kit. They can be used to insert and remove screws. There are various hazet screwdrivers to correspond with the right screws. The screw head is created with a protrusion and cavity to fit with the tip of the screwdriver. Torque id applied to turn the screwdrivers in both directions. 

Since each screwdriver has a specific shape, so its application is also different. Hazet screwdrivers are available in round blades with different profiles, including cross recess profile, slot profile, and inside TORX profile. They have a unique non-slip 3 component handle, designed by leading German scientists. It ensures transmission of high power, best fixation of blade, stability, and protection against slip-offs. 

In addition to this, you can also find 1 component of trinamic handles in Hazet screwdrivers that also ensure ease of use and power. Hazet screwdriver's set is chrome plated and resistant to acid, petrol, brake fluid, etc., and protects against corrosion, so your hazet screwdrivers will last you long. Moreover, for screws that are located deep, then hazet screwdrivers with an extra-long design are available for you.

Hazet Bits and Bits Holder

Hazet bits are versatile tools made of special-purpose steel with a reinforced design, allowing easy and excessive usage and high precision. Hazet bits are flexible and can be found in various profiles, including cross recess profile, internal serration profile, inside hexagon profile, inside TORX profile, slot profile, and inside 5-star profile with a pin. 

You can easily use them manually or with pneumatic and electric screwdrivers. You can get permanent hardness with our Hazet bits. Hazet bitsets are flexible and versatile for keeping the bits arranged and organized in the box, utilizing the available space to the best. The bit clamps make it easier to hold the bits and ensure easy access. 

The Hazet bitsets have clear labeling and a design that allows the box to stay upright in an open position that enables easy and quick access while working. There are many different shapes and sizes of bits available in the box. If you are looking for bit holders, then you can also find these at Hazet. Hazet's bit holders are available with a plastic handle as well as the non-slip 3 component handle. They have a flexible shaft and matt chrome-plated surface that ensures long and corrosion-free life. The most popular one is the Hazet 810bh bit holder due to its precision and safety.

Hazet Allen Keys

Hazet Allen keys are made from high-grade steel, which is hardened to allow higher torque and withstand wear resistance. You can find loose Hazet Allen keys and Hazet Allen keys setsin a wide range available on the website. They have an ergonomically designed 2 component T-handle with a pointed blade, allowing more power and precision. Hazet Allen keys are corrosion-free with their chrome-plated or nickel-plated surface. They come in both short and extra-long designs. The extra-long design of the Hazet Allen keys allows direct use of the parts. You can also find plastic rolls for Hazet Allen keys sets.