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Hammers and chisels by HAZET

Hammers and Chisels

Hazet hammers and chisels offer excellent handling, grip, and functionality, making hazet hammers and chisels suitable for various kinds of manual activity. Apart from that, durability and long, abrasion-free life is what we aim for when it comes to tools. According to your preferences and needs, on Mister Worker™, we have every type of hammer available for your use.

Hazet Hammers

We offer a wide range of Hazet hammers, including rubber, aluminum, stretching, planishing, cross-peen, embossing, bumping, and picking hammers. In addition, there are hammers with a round head and ball and hammers with ash handle, hickory handle, or wooden handle for easy handling with an ergonomic grip to prevent slipping. 

Hazet hammers with wooden handles provide convenient and easy use due to their non-slip grip. Hazet hammers provide extra safety through their steel handle protection sleeve. It also prevents the breakage of the handle, thus allowing you to work efficiently.

Hazet Mallets

Hazet mallets are available in ash, PVC, steel tube, and hickory detachable handles to accommodate different head sizes. Hazet mallets provide ergonomic handles with joint protection. Hazet mallet heads are made from impact-resistant cellulose acetate that offers only minimal rebound and polyurethane that offers no rebound. Thus these mallets provide a gentle and safe working, offering long-service and abrasion-proof life.

Hazet Pry Bars

Hazet pry bars are best for bearing sleeves in and put, knocking bearings, installing and removing bolts, springs, and other parts. You can find Hazet pry bars for commercial use with chrome plating and nickel plating. They offer shock-resistant and ergonomic handles that provide ease of use.

Hazet Pins and Chisels

Hazet pins and chisels are used to cut metals, weld grooves, and various spots. Hazet drift pins have an octagonal shaft or flattened oval shaft with an ergonomic 2 component handle, which allows a good grip, prevents the risk of injuries, and stress to the hands.

On Mister Worker™, you can find any tool you are looking for your professional usage at great prices.