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FLIR Thermal Cameras and perception-improving technologies

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FLIR: a bit of history

Founded in 1978, FLIR is a world market leader in the design and manufacture of thermal cameras, thermal imaging components and sensors. Thermal imaging systems detect the infrared light (heat) that is emitted by all people, objects and materials. Thermal imaging cameras are therefore necessary for professionals who need to see in full darkness, in adverse weather conditions and through polluting elements such as smoke and haze.
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The acquisitions of Agema (Sweden) in 1998 and Inframetrics (Boston, MA) in mid 1999 brought engineering skills and a support structure that accelerated FLIR's success in the thermography markets for commercial applications.

Together, Agema and Inframetrics represented over 60 years of experience in infrared thermography. Agema developed the first infrared scanner, which was designed for power line inspections, in 1965, the first battery-powered portable infrared scanner in 1973, the first dual wavelength system capable of real-time analog recording for R&D markets in 1978 and the first uncooled thermal camera, the Agema 570, in 1997.

Inframetrics, another pioneer of thermal cameras for commercial applications and training in the field of thermography, developed the first infrared system compatible with televisions in 1975 and the first complete focal plane array (FPA) thermal camera type in 1995.
In 2003, FLIR acquired Indigo Systems, one of the leaders in the development and supply of infrared sensors.

Since then, FLIR has invested in numerous markets, technologies and related products to expand its portfolio of detection solutions and its ability to serve a larger group of customers. These investments have allowed a significant growth in turnover and volumes which have contributed to the reduction of costs and, consequently, product prices for end users. The result has been strong growth in customer numbers and an increased global awareness of the power of thermography.

FLIR: The World's Sixth Sense

FLIR employs more than 4,000 employees worldwide and operates in the following sectors:

  • Government & Defense
  • Industrial
  • Public Safety & Transportation
  • Security
  • Professional Tools
  • Research & Development
  • Marine
  • Home & Outdoor
  • Camera Modules & Components

“The World's Sixth Sense”: FLIR has a superhero vision that helps people around the world save lives, protect the environment and improve productivity. FLIR is making much more than innovative technological products: it seeks to build a more sustainable, efficient and safe future.

Infrared cameras

FLIR infrared cameras are used for various applications. In the construction sector, for example, this technology is used to identify the points affected by energy losses. In the industrial world, FLIR thermal imaging cameras have now become one of the most important diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance. They reveal anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, this allows corrective countermeasures to be taken before costly plant failures occur.

All the thermal imaging cameras in the FLIR range are equipped with the exclusive MSX (Multi- Spectral Dynamic Imaging) function. FLIR's MSX® technology integrates the details of the digital camera directly onto the thermal image. This allows to obtain an unparalleled thermal precision, highlighting the position of anomalies or problems in an extremely accurate way.

Working without IGM is called guessing

Traditional measuring instruments such as clamp meters, digital multimeters and hygrometers now have a thermographic sensor inside.
Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) uses the power and compactness of the FLIR Lepton® thermographic sensor to show you the temperature differences in the component you are inspecting. It guides you to the precise location where potential problems may occur and further analysis can be carried out.
You will find problems faster and increase your productivity to the advantage of your image and credibility.

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