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High performance steel anchors by FISCHER

Discover the Fischer Complete Catalogue of Wall Bolts, Metal Wall Plugs, Wall Anchor Bolts, and Concrete Anchors

The Fischer wall bolts, metal wall plugs, wall anchor bolts, and concrete anchors are becoming more and more popular because of their fast and easy hammer set installation, maximum safety, higher flexibility, and unbeatable performance. Fischer wall bolts are designed and manufactured for safely fixing temporary anchors, rigid structural elements (cantilevers), and fixing with handrails in non-cracked concrete materials. The Fischer metal wall plugs are crucial when hanging different cabinets, mirrors, heavy shelves, and anything you need to attach to your lovely walls. These high-quality Fischer metal wall plugs expand to safely grip the sides of the hole that you have drilled and help you hold the screws in place without any damage to your walls. These metal wall plugs are highly suitable for aerated concrete, high pull-out load capacity, higher holding strength, and reliable screw guidance.

These custom-made Fischer wall anchor bolts are the ideal choice for those who are looking for the highest load-bearing capacity in cracked concrete. The Fischer wall anchor bolts are made of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, and highly corrosion-resistant steel - enabling you to attach any structural elements to concrete securely and safely. These Fischer bolts are designed to handle vertical and horizontal loads and secure heavy objects to walls or floors. The Fischer wall bolts are perfect for those who are looking for heavy-duty fastening of different sorts of steel and wood structures in walls and floors. Whether you need cracked concrete fixings, fixings for non-structural applications, non-cracked concrete fixings, or suspended ceiling fixings, choosing Fischer products, you can rest assured that you can finish your fixings projects with less effort, power-saving installation, and save hours of time. 

Discover the complete range of concrete fixings, structural applications, fixing for special applications, and non cracked concrete fixings available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer wall bolts, Fischer metal wall plugs, and Fischer wall anchor bolts and ship them worldwide. If you are looking for heavy-duty fixing for your construction projects, check out our complete range of Cracked Concrete Fixings, Fixings For Non-Structural Applications, Fixings For Special Applications, Fixings In Cracked Concrete And Under Seismic Actions, Non-Cracked Concrete Fixings, and Suspended Ceiling Fixings

The Fischer concrete anchor HammerSet FZEA II C is one of the best-selling products in this category. It is made of highly corrosion-resistant steel and comes with a length of 43mm - enabling you for fast hammer set installation, higher flexibility, and provides you maximum safety because of its positive fit connection. The Fischer wall anchor bolt with eyebolt SLM is another best-selling product in this category that comes with an expanding SLM body with an eyelet - allowing you for the anchor expansion for various non-structural applications in different non-cracked concrete materials. It is perfectly suitable for uncracked concrete C12/15 to C50/60 and natural stone materials. Its internal metric thread enables you to use the standard screws plus threaded rods for an exceptional adaptation to the application.