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Adhesives, tapes and sprays by FISCHER

Discover the Fischer Adhesives, Tapes and Sprays complete catalogue 

The Fischer sealants, adhesives, spray, and tapes for doors and windows are becoming more and more popular because of their higher flexibility, high initial grab, higher tensile and shear stresses, high tack adhesive glue, strong bonds over time, variable sd value, V-shaped nozzle, and effortless installations. The hybrid polymers-based Fischer adhesives are the perfect solution for fixing heavy structures without drilling, bonding panels (both inside and outside), joining and sealing frontage and floor elements, fixing automotive elements, and fixing metal elements in different industrial environments. These custom-made Fischer adhesives are ideal for professional workers who are looking for bonding and sealing of air conditioning systems, windows and door frames, and ventilation systems. 

The Fischer double-sided adhesive tapes are the best pre-portioned adhesive tapes that stick to smooth and rough surfaces and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. These double-sided adhesive tapes offer the strongest hold - enabling you to attach decorative signs, wall panels, and pictures super quickly and effortlessly. The Fischer adhesive tapes are the perfect alternative to any tacks and screws. With the pre-cut mounting stripes of Fischer double-sided adhesive tapes, you can avoid any vexatious holes in complex walls and tiles and attach any objects fast without using any tools. Whether you are looking for high quality sealants, adhesive tapes, or even tapes for doors and windows, when you choose Fischer, you can rest assured that you can work on your projects fast, effortlessly, and save huge time. 

Discover the complete range of adhesives, tapes, and sprays available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer tapes for doors and windows, Fischer sprays, Fischer double-sided adhesive tapes, and Fischer sealants and ship them all over the world, no matter where you live. If you need to buy high-quality and long-lasting adhesives, tapes, and sprays, check out our complete range of Fischer adhesives/sealants and professional adhesives, double-sided adhesive tapes, product "No Tools Just Hands", and tapes and films for doors and windows. The Fischer adhesive sealant KD ultra 60 extra strong grey is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with 100% modulus of elasticity 0,85 [N/mm], maximum distortion of ±20 %, the maximum tensile strength of 1,6 [N/mm], and shore A hardness of 40±5 - allowing you to get strong bonds in metal, wood, plastic, glass, concrete, and masonry materials. 

The Fischer tapes for doors and windows 536839 - adhesive film for internal and external fittings strip VARIO SD 90 is another best selling product in this category that comes with 30 mm belt width, white color, a joint width of 2-40 mm, three packaging rolls, 12 storage, and tape length of 30000 mm - enabling you to fix any interior and exterior element with moisture adaptive adjustment. This highly effective and best performing adhesive film is the perfect choice for you if you need to fix any construction material such as concrete, fiber cement, masonry, gypsum plasterboards, wood, plastics, metals, and glasses.