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Why are the Festool Vacuum Dust Extractors the Ideal Choice for You?

The Festool dust extractors are designed and manufactured to clean massive amounts of dust from sanders, corded routers, corded track saws, and many more tools that produce crystalline silica dust. Festool extractors come with advanced technology and they can be directly attached to power tools - enabling you to clean up small particles or fragments of wood, plastic, or other materials effortlessly. 

These tailor-made Festool Cleantec dust extractors are the perfect choice for those who need to remove harmful particles from the air in order to safeguard the health of the workers. Whether you need slight sanding, routing wood, sawing concrete material, or any other drilling works when you pick the Festool dust extraction system you can rest assured that your worksites will be clean, efficient, and free of dust from the air.

Explore a wide range of dust extraction tools & accessories on Mister Worker™. We offer a complete catalog of premium quality Festool extractors, vacuums, and Festool Cleantec and deliver them worldwide. The Festool CTL MIDI I CLEANTEC, which comes with low weight, compact dimensions, 100% mobility, and a host of innovative details, is one of the best-selling mobile dust extractors in this category. The Festool MIDI is designed with built-in Bluetooth technology - meaning it will automatically switch on the suction hose mobile through the remote control system or the Bluetooth battery pack. It has an innovative and automatic touch control panel system - making it easier for you to control and use even with hand gloves and dirt. This mobile dust extractor designed an internal hose holder - enabling you to transport the suction hose smoothly & safely without the risk of any trouble during transportation. 

The Festool CT 15 E-SET CLEANTEC is another best-selling dust extractor set ideal for cleaning construction sites, different workshops, and offices. It comes with a suction hose diameter of 27/32 x 3.5 m, a SELFCLEAN filter bag, and a high-performance main filter - enabling you to clean offices, workshops, and any types of motor vehicles with ease in less time. The Festool CT 15 is one of the best portable vacuum cleaners that offer a high suction performance in a compact tool designed for a long service lifetime and robustness.

With a compact high-power turbine and variable suction power adjustment, the Festool CTL 26 Mobile Dust Extractor leaves you no chance for any hazardous dust. It comes with an additional socket, compressed air, or Bluetooth® module - allowing you to retrofit individually and control the suction hose remotely. With the Festool CTL MINI's antistatic function, you can prevent static development during work. Whether you need to extract dust from wet materials or dry materials, the Festool ct26 comes in handy because of its automated electronic switch-on/shut-off for maximum dust extraction. 

If you are looking for Festool tools or accessories, browse the complete category of Accessories For Dust Extractors, Brushes, Filtration, and Sacks available for sale on Mister Worker™.