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Batteries And Chargers by FESTOOL

What Is Great about Festool Batteries and Chargers? 

Festool batteries and chargers are becoming more and more popular because of their new AIRSTREAM battery technology. Festool batteries strive to bring more power to your cordless power tools, super-fast charging, longer run time, and greater convenience to your jobsite or workshop. There has been a multitude of innovations in the cordless power tool domain in recent years. These custom-made Festool 18v battery solutions provide as much power as necessary for high-draw power tools such as cordless sanders, SDS rotary drills, grinders, cordless impact drivers, miter saws, cordless jigsaws, and contractor-style table saws. 

These Festool 18v batteries not only provide enough power for your cordless tools but also offer you the longest run time required in your workshop or jobsite. Festool chargers come with AIRSTREAM technology (cooling function for faster availability) and notably

increased fast charging capacity - enabling you to reuse the battery packs fast and effortlessly. With its up-to-date LED display, Festool battery chargers show you the remaining battery life and charging status. Festool batteries and chargers are the perfect choices for those who are looking for more power to their cordless power tools, super-fast charging capacity, and longest run time. Festool has switched conventional batteries entirely to Lithium-Ion batteries because they produce more battery power to cordless tools for their size and weight.

Explore the complete range of batteries, chargers, and accessories for batteries and chargers available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Festool batteries, chargers, and accessories and ship them all over the world, no matter where you live. If you are looking for a powerful battery for your cordless power tool with super-fast charging capacity, check out the Festool batteries, chargers, accessories for batteries and chargers, and battery and charger set. The Festool energy set SYS3 ENG 18V 2X5,2/TCL6 is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with 220 - 240 V input voltage, TCL 6 rapid charger, and a 5.2 Ah battery capacity - allowing you to charge your device more quickly. The 5.2 Ah battery pack is powerful and is suitable for all Festool cordless power tools. 

Another best-selling product in this category is the Festool Bluetooth® battery pack BP 18 LI 6,2AH ASI that comes with a durable 6.2 Ah battery pack for heavy-duty drilling, powerful sawing, and screw-driving applications. With the SCA 8 AIRSTREAM rapid charger, you can charge your cordless power tool more quickly rapidly with its active cooling system during the charging procedure. With its integrated LED display, you can get information about the current state of charge and battery life at all times. This Bluetooth® lithium-ion battery pack with AIRSTREAM charging system compatible with all Festool 18 V cordless power tools. 

To learn more about Festool tools, accessories, or equipment, browse the complete catalog of abrasives and polishing, air tools, blades, cutting discs and cutters, clothing and merchandising, corded power tools, cordless power tools, drill bits, dust extraction, illumination, power tool accessories, and site equipment available for sale on Mister Worker™.