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Mister Worker® is a Festool UK official distributor. It is a brand with a worldwide reputation for the outstanding performances of the products it offers. As always, the complete range is available on Mister Worker®, to give all professionals and customers the opportunity to find everything they need.

Find all the brands’ most famous products in our catalogue: from plunge saws to track saws, from sanders to routers (Domino routers are the most chosen ones), as well as mitre saws and chop saws. The range of products available on our online shop also incorporates the well-known dust extractors, the innovative Systainer toolboxes and several accessories.

Each tool sold on our website is of high quality, original and guaranteed. As an official dealer, Mister Worker® ships tools all over the world, at affordable prices and in large quantities if required.

To request a custom quote contact one of our sales representatives.

Explore the Complete Catalogue: plunge saws, drills, sanders, routers, dust extractors and more

Founded in 1925 in Germany, Festool is a family-run company specialised in the production of high quality power tools and accessories. The company aims to make life easier for professionals and end-users. The firm obtained over 350 patents and 80 awards, but, above all, its satisfied customers testify the brand's tools innovativeness and utility. They choose this brand because it produces only durable and high quality tools which can be used in a wide range of applications.

Cordless and corded power tools are among the top selling items in the catalogue. But also dust extractors, Systainers, blades or cutters are widely chosen by professionals. 

At Mister Worker® we know that each professional has very different needs, therefore, we offer a wide range of accessories, different tips and screws, drill bits as well as a wide range of batteries and chargers.

Festool: the perfect solution for woodworking, carpentry, automotive workers and painters

Since the company has a focus on woodworking tools, Festool is a benchmark for all professionals in the carpentry industry. Mister Worker®'s catalogue offers a wide range of power tools that are made to satisfy the end user in terms of quality and versatility. 

From cordless tools, to corded drill and drivers, dust extractors, oscillators, saws, this brand is simply the best to work with wood. 

Moreover, these products are ideal for the daily challenges that carpenters have to face, whether a roof construction, roof refurbishment, staircase installation or exterior construction. 

Among the items, you can find the TS 55 plunge-cut saw. This is one of the most popular products in the entire range, as it is equipped with durable blades that offer excellent cutting performances. In addition, this tool provides you with a faster working experience and concentrated power, as well as maximum safety during your daily activities. Check out also the mitre saw KS 60, that ensures enhanced versatility and outstanding results. Moreover, its LED spotlight shows cutting lines, so that workers can fulfill cutting activities at the best. This mitre saw also includes ergonomic handles that help you while carrying it.  Another mitre saw worthy to be considered is the Kapex 120: the dual-line laser clearly indicates the area to be worked on, in order to get extremely accurate results. The precision is further enhanced thanks to the twin-column guide with two bearings. 

Moreover, the German brand's catalogue offers high-quality professional tools for the automotive industry. Festool power tools ensure car manufacturers the functions they need to complete their projects as best they can. In addition, the brand provides solutions also for painting applications. Whether you need a high quality abrasive or accessories for painting, the German manufacturer's products are the ultimate solution.

Mister Worker® is a Festool UK Dealer

Whether you need your professional tools shipped to Britain, Scotland, Wales or anywhere else, with Mister Worker®, your order will be settled. We serve customers from over 180 countries and deliver premium high-quality tools worldwide. Do you need a plunge saw, a sander or a drill shipped to your country? Mister Worker® is the place to search.

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