FACOM Measuring and marking out

To carry out precise and professional jobs it is essential to choose the best measuring instruments available: On Mister Worker® you can find the complete catalogue of Facom tools for measuring and marking out, included thickness and dial gauges, levels, calipers and a wide variety of instruments for length measuring such as rules, scribers and tape measures.

In order to be able to make accurate measurements, you would need a wide range of instruments and gauges that allow you to measure not only distance, but also depth, diameter and many other parameters. The range of Facom measuring tools available in the Mister Worker® catalogue includes for example the best calipers, levels, rules and micrometers, each suited to meet specific professional needs.

FACOM Rules, Folding Rules and Measuring Tape

Really common tools that both professionals and private users surely need are Facom rules and tape measures, as they allow the user to easily measure size or distance and they’re compact tools that you can always carry with.

Another best seller, really appreciated by our customers for its durability and flexibility, is the Facom DELA.1051 Stainless steel rule, available in different lengths ranging between 150 and 500 mm. This rule is engraved on both sides, one edge in mm and the other in 1/2 mm, and it undergoes a anti-reflection treatment that makes its use easier and more comfortable. Within the Facom range of measuring instruments, finally, you can find folding rules such as the practical DELA.625.00 Aluminium folding rule that allows you to take measurements up to 1 meter.

Facom Calipers, Levels and Thickness gauges

Within Facom catalogue there are also precision measuring tools: for example, have a look at the range of calipers, tools that ensure the measurement with exceptionally high accuracy of internal and external intervals. One of the most advanced tools is the Facom 816 vernier caliper, which is made of stainless steel and has a matte finish. Its vernier has a guide for a better thumb position. With this professional measuring tool, you can take internal, external and depth measurements.
If you’re looking for a tool to measure body paint thickness and uniformity, for example in the automotive sector, you should consider purchasing the Facom 804.AM antimagnetic metric thickness gauges, made of a series of 19 blades (100 mm) with pointed tips.

Facom levels are very important to take precise measurements, especially in the building sector. There is the Facom 311B magnetic level, with an accuracy of 0.5 mm/m and equipped with horizontal, vertical and slope vial; or the Facom DELA80 round laid level, in nickel-plated brass and with a specific spherical vial to lay and check horizontal surfaces on two axes. A best seller in this category is the DELA.3151.01 two vial level, made of dressed steel with grooves for cylindrical surfaces and with an accuracy of 0,4 mm/m.

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us: our experts are at your disposal to help you and provide you with technical assistance and personalized custom quotes!