FACOM Automotive tools

Do you work in a mechanical workshop and are you looking for new work equipment? On Mister Worker® you will find all the specific Facom automotive tools for car-repair at a special price: hydraulic presses, lifters, battery testers, car boosters and much more.

Facom Automotive Tools For Sale

Especially if you work in the automotive field, for example in a car workshop, you are aware that there’s a wide range of tools, specifically designed to repair vehicles: these include traditional tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and sockets but also more specific ones such as inspection creepers, jacks and starting boosters.  Within our catalogue of Facom automotive tools you can find everything you need to repair cars and motorbikes: lubrication, filtration and spark plugsbrakes, timing kits, hydraulic presses, workshop cranes, battery testers, boosterssafety panels and much more. Moreover, each product in the catalogue of Mister Worker® is covered by the official Facom warranty, which protects the customer in case of malfunctions or defects.

Top Car Repair Tools Facom: Oil Filter Wrenches, Thickness Gauges and Much More!

Facom is well known for its oil filter wrenches, available for cars, HGV’s and farming vehicles. The absolute best seller of this category is the automatic oil-filter wrench for HGV’s, which provides you with an easy way to change oil filters. The body is made of heavy-duty plastic and it has a stainless-steel band on the top that ensures optimised automatic tightening: this means that with this tool you to take off both small and big oil filters.

Other essential tools when working on mechanical parts are thickness gauges, such as the 804.U, made of a series of 26 feeler gauges with tapered tip, jacks and workshop cranes, inspection creepers and pry bars. Buying a good inspection creeper is fundamental, because getting underneath a car or another vehicle is a really dangerous task. Facom creepers are extremely resistant and reliable low platforms on wheels on which mechanics lay down and roll under a vehicle to repair it. A good example is the Facom heavy-duty inspection creeper DTS.2B: this article, made of foam padded vinyl, has an adjustable headrest, an integrated tool tray and it’s the perfect tool to help you get under a car comfortably.

Mister Worker® Offers Technical Advice and Worldwide Shipping

If you’re looking for Facom automotive equipment and mechanics’ tools in the USA or the UK, Mister Worker® is the right place for you: we ship all Facom products worldwide! If you want to renew your garage or workshop, choose the Facom work equipment, internationally known for its high quality and durability! If you have questions or, if you intend to buy a large amount of professional tools, you would like to receive a personalized quotation, we strongly suggest you contact us!