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Waterproof cases - Information Technology by EXPLORER CASES

Professional workers in information technology sector often need to carry different equipment together with a PC. High level protection is important to keep your tools safe and highly durable.

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Waterproof cases - Information Technology EXPLORER CASES

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Explorer brand has always been recognized for the best quality and innovations. Waterproof line of cases for IT sector is made from polypropylene that guarantees the best protection even in the most challenging environments.

Anti-shock case (4412 O) is an ideal solution to carry portable PC together with all accessories and keep them well organised. Pad-lockable points are reinforced with a stainless steel to ensure high safety, and adjustable shoulder strap helps you carrying a tool case everywhere with you. It is available in black, orange and military green color. In our catalog all Explorer cases are available with protection foam or empty so you can choose configuration depending on your specific needs.

For a trolley solution, we recommend you a waterproof trolley case (5833 G) that can go everywhere with you. Telescopic handle and self-oiling wheels make it easy for handle and transport while quick lock/unlock system keep your tools and PC safe.

If you need more details about the Explorer cases in the catalog, or you want advice on which is best suited to your needs, write an email to [email protected] or call us at +39 02 9143 3257: our customer service will be happy to assist you in purchase.