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Mister Worker™ is proud to announce that, once again, it has expanded its vast assortment by introducing the famous American power tool manufacturer Dremel. From the valuable multi-tools to saws, including accessories, cutting wheels and rotary tools (such as the renowned 3000 model), professionals across the globe can purchase on our online store everything they need to perform their activities at their best.

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Dremel: tools of the highest standards

Founded in 1932 in Wisconsin, the company is today known worldwide as the developer of high speed rotary tools. One of the first products to be released was the Moto-Tool, the forerunner of the modern rotary tool. This item was really innovative, because, despite its reduced sizes, the tool was capable of polishing, grinding, drilling, sawing and carrying out many more operations. Another revolutionary product is represented by the Electric Engraver, born in the 1960’s. It was able to provide an accurate etching of a wide variety of materials with optimal depth management.

In 1993 the business was acquired by Bosch and is currently a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. During the following years, the firm created new, state-of-art products with modern technologies. For example, with the introduction of the 10.8-Volt Lithium Ion in 2003, Dremel pioneered lithium-ion technology in the North American power tool sector. In addition, in the most recent years the firm joined the cleaning field with Versa, the brand's first ever cleaning device.

Each year the company keeps expanding, entering markets across Europe and now shipping to more than 80 countries. So far, it is estimated that the brand has already sold more than 40 million rotary tools throughout the world. Its products enjoy this success for their outstanding performances, their innovative design along with their advanced technology. 

Why choose Dremel Tools?

Since 1932, the enterprise has been manufacturing its tools exclusively with the end user in mind, allowing them to realize their projects to the fullest. The dedication to user experience is the guiding star of the brand’s history. This is why the company refined the rotary tool by adding several corded and cordless models, thus enhancing its operating range. These can also be used with more than 150 accessories, in order to guarantee the best results. Moreover, the business redesigned the compact oscillating saw, establishing the highest standard of safety as well as reliability. 

Furthermore, the brand is always ready to support its worldwide customers thanks to its home-based customer service team, always at the service of professionals. In addition, the brand offers a warranty for all its products to meet everyone's needs. 

The brand’s aim is to overcome boundaries, providing its customer-base with increasingly cutting-edge solutions to guarantee the best experience and give to all professionals the satisfaction of a job well done. Whether you need cutting, grinding, sanding or shaping a wide variety of materials, Dremel will ensure the best outcomes.. 

Check out the complete catalog: rotary tools, saws, multi tools and more 

Mister Worker™ is the online store that makes a wide range of power tools and accessories available to all professionals from the whole globe. Take a look at the best multi tools, saws, rotary tools, the key brand product, as well as router or grinder bits. In addition, the brand supplies its customers with a range of classic power tools like sanders, drills or more.

One of the most famous products is without any doubt the multi-tool 3000-5 (F0133000JW), ideal for carrying out tasks such as carving, engraving, sanding, grinding, sharpening as well as cleaning, achieving impeccable results. This tool is characterized by a variable speed from 10,000 to 33,000 rpm, ensuring enhanced control and comfort during use. Furthermore, its powerful 130W engine supplies the tool with enough power to complete all activities with excellence. The 3000 model can be combined with a wide variety of accessories. Check out the 3000 1/25 multitool as well, which comes with 25 original accessories, providing high added value to even the most demanding professionals.

Another widely chosen item is the 4000 rotary tool, equipped with exchangeable accessories and fittings, in order to give you full control when working. Moreover, this model features a 360°soft grip, which improves the handling while using it. In addition, the speed can be set from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm for increased versatility. The powerful motor combined with the high-performance electronic feedback provides you with the optimal force to complete all your projects. 

Take a look also at the 8220 cordless rotary tool: it is one of the most successful products, since it provides impeccable results and versatility of the whole class of the brand's cordless rotary tools. It is equipped with a particularly strong motor, ensuring maximum performance at all speed modes.Furthermore, it has a slim shape for a facilitated use in any area. Thanks to its 12VMAX Lithium-ion battery, this rotary tool guarantees increased longevity. The 8220 1 / 5 model, in particular, can carry out operations such as grinding or polishing with extremely accurate results. The LED light improves visibility, allowing you to work even in the darkest areas. 

We also recommend the Versatip 2000-6 butane torch, which includes 6 functions: welding, melting, hot cutting, heat shrinking, pyrography and paint stripping. As it is powered by butane gas, this product can be used at any time and place. Finally, we would also like to suggest you the set of 150 accessories (2615S724JA), with which you can perform a variety of operations on different materials. This set comes with a practical case so that you can store your accessories in the best possible way.

Continue to explore the catalog to discover more about the wide assortment of the brand’s top-performing power tools.

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