Working with power tools such as electric saws, grinders and drills means to always have specific spare parts and accessories with you: abrasive papers, blades and drill bits, in fact, tend to be consumed with intensive use and must therefore be replaced periodically. On Mister Worker® you will find a wide range of consumables and accessories for all your needs.

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Do you often use electric saws, especially for cutting hard materials like metal? Then you will surely know how important it is to have several spare blades: you have to choose them carefully, because they must be compatible with your electric tool and must be suitable for the materials you are working on. In the Mister Worker® catalog you can find biscuit jointer, laser diamond discs, synthesized diamond discs, metal blades, multifunctional blades, planer and planer blades, band saw blades, alligator saw blades, circular saw blades, blades for universal saws, blades for jigsaws, stationary blades, blades for cutting-off machines and diamond cups.

However, if you constantly use power tools such as grinders and sanders, you can not fail to have a large number of spare abrasives. These are consumables that must be replaced quite often, especially if you work on materials that are difficult to work and smooth, because the grain is consumed as they are used. For this reason Mr. Worker® has in its catalog a wide range of high quality DeWALT replacement abrasives, which last longer than the average of abrasives on the market: abrasives with mesh, abrasive paper, abrasive discs, lamellar discs, pads and shoes, brushes, tampons and mole.

Among the most used and known power tools, and for which you must always have spare parts ready for use, there are drills. These tools are common in any home, but especially in construction sites and laboratories in the field of construction: Mr. Worker® has at its disposal a series of specific professional replacement tips for a large number of different materials, all durable and durable in the time. In the catalog you can find crowns for masonry, hole saws, chisel points, wood drill bits, metal drill bits, masonry drill bits, set of drills and bits for other materials.

But that's not all: on Mister Worker® there are also accessories for vacuum cleaners, drills and accessories for drywall, anchors and dowels, nails, points, screws, groppini, drilling systems, glues and silicon. All you need to give new life to your power tools, you can find it in our catalog!