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CHAUVIN ARNOUX Measuring Tools

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Mister Worker™ is glad to announce that it has enriched its wide top brands catalogue with the French measuring tools producer Chauvin Arnoux. As an official distributor, Mister Worker™ only sells original, manufacturer-certified, high-quality instruments. 

On Mister Worker™ even the most demanding professional can find everything he/she needs. Choose between Metrix multimeters, which are compact and simple to use for current, voltage and resistance measurements, and a wide range of analogue and digital multimeters. These versatile instruments are ideal for electrical maintenance and are equipped with all the functions required by electricians for testing and inspections. The catalogue of power analysers includes both top-of-the range models and compact models, ideal for those who need a comfortable and practical instrument. These power analyzers have an intuitive interface and you can choose between models for motor maintenance (C.A 8220) or for installation maintenance (C.A 8333). 

The range of power and energy loggers includes instruments compatible with all electrical networks, with or without display. The PEL103 model can be implemented without powering down the electrical network and records data on an integrated SD card. For outdoor installation, you can choose loggers resistant to shocks, UV light, high temperatures and IP67-certified. Whether you are a self-employed electrician or a SME contractor in the electrical sector, clamp meters are the ideal portable instrument for your work. Available in three clamping diameters (34mm, 48mm and 60mm), these multimeter clamps are compact, lightweight and they always offer an accurate measurement.

Our offer also includes bags, cases and toolboxes. On our website all the best portable measuring tools are available.

Mister Worker™ is a Chauvin Arnoux Worldwide Dealer

Mister Worker™ is an official distributor of the brand and ships its tools all over the world. In fact, it serves customers from over 180 countries, cooperating with the best international couriers. 

Do you represent a company? Are you a professional located in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore or anywhere else in the world? Mister Worker™ is a global supplier of professional tools. Visit our store to purchase the complete range of measuring instruments in your preferred currency. Buy online or request a custom quote and have the best measuring tools immediately shipped to you! 

Chauvin Arnoux Catalogue: Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Power Analysers, Loggers And Testers 

The group has been an official inventor and manufacturer of measuring tools since 1893. Today, with over 128 years of experience, the firm is publicly recognized as the oldest private company in the field of measuring instruments. In addition, the brand has gained an outstanding reputation for the invention and development of several incredible innovative products such as the first galvanometer, the first multimeter, the transformer clamp (the first current clamp) or the first exposure meter.

Today, the brand offers a wide range of measuring tools and instruments with different features, for instance: Portable instruments with the TEST & MEASURE pole, panel instruments with the ENERDIS pole and temperature instruments with the PYROCONTROLE pole. All products are ISO9001/2008 and ISO14001 certified. 

The range of products is divided into three brands: Chauvin Arnoux, Metrix and Multimetrix

The first one is the core brand and it manufactures a wide range of portable measuring instruments for industry, the tertiary sector, housing and government departments.  Discover its universal testing instruments, such as testers, multimeters, clamps, or its electrical testing equipment, including installation testers, insulation testers, earth/ground testers, micro-ohmmeters, rotation testers. The brand is also well known for its range of laboratory instruments, training case or analogue testers to name a few, and for its tools for estimating physical quantities such as calibrators, thermometers, sensors, manometers, luxmeters, sound level meters or tachometers. 

On the other hand, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and function generators are part of Metrix catalogue and they are well known for their unique design, ergonomics and technical features. Check out the entire range of measuring instruments: from Metrix multimeters to clamps.

Lastly, Multimetrix, which is the most affordable brand, its products line goes from multimeters to clamps and testers which are all compliant with the producer's quality standards.

Chauvin Arnoux: the ideal solution for laboratory, maintenance and the electrical sector

Production - Transmission - Distribution and electrical installations - In order to provide a safe and attested supply of electrical energy a large number of measurements need to be carried out in the electrical industry. The products are specifically designed to operate preventive and corrective maintenance tests. Discover the measuring tool designed to carry out specific electrical checks on transmissions such as earth testers for networks of pylons, micro-ohmmeters and ratiometers. On the other hand, for installation controls, the manufacturer proposes bi-function or multi-function installation testers or thermal tests with  thermal cameras

Laboratory - the brand's products are vital in any engineering or technical laboratory. In fact, researchers need a wide range of measuring instruments to design electronic, computing and process control systems with accuracy. All Chauvin Arnoux measuring tools and dataview tools are widely chosen by R&D professionals because they are simple to use, effective and 100% reliable. 

The brand's laboratory instruments offer to users a broad choice, giving priority to effectiveness and precision. Check out the measuring tools for electromagnetic disturbance tests such as the near-field probes associated with the MTX1050 spectrum analyser.

The brand's measuring tools available on our online shop are guaranteed and highly professional. Have a look, we are sure you will find what you need!