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On Mister Worker™, professionals from all around the world can easily buy any Bosch Tool they need online. From Bosch power tools to Bosch measuring tools and accessories, Mister Worker™ only sells original, manufacturer-certified, high-quality products and, on our website, all the most difficult to find Bosch Professional tools are available.

Bosch Tools Catalog

Bosch is a German company founded more than 130 years ago in Gerlingen which created its first industrial plant in Stuttgart in 1909. Today, the company is a leading global supplier of technology, services and tools and it generated record sales of 78.7 billion euros in 2021. 

The Bosch Professional line develops and manufactures corded and cordless Bosch power tools, measuring instruments and accessories. All the tools produced by the German company are innovative and of high quality, therefore, they are widely chosen by the professionals of every industry. Bosch drills, Bosch hammer drills, table saws, multitoolsimpact drivers and miter saws are among the most popular Bosch professional products, but also Bosch laser levels and Bosch laser measures and detectors are among the top selling tools in the Bosch catalog.

On Mister Worker™, you can buy the entire Bosch Professional range of products, click here to download the PDF catalog.

Bosch Power Tools: Drills, Hammer Drills, Table Saws, Electric Screwdrivers and More 

Mister Worker™’s clients need high standards and require high level products’ reliability. Hence, we decided to collaborate with Bosch Professional and sell its high quality Bosch power tools range. 

In this line you professionals can find every tool they need: from Bosch cordless power tools such as Bosch drills, Bosch hammer drills, grindersmultitools to Bosch corded power tools namely, Bosch table sawBosch miter saw or the Bosch circular saw.

For instance, you can find the popular Bosch GKS 190 circular saw, compact and lightweight, ideal for cutting woods and similar materials or the Bosch GTS 10 J table saw, broadly chosen by professionals for its large and precise cutting capacity. Check out the Bosch GSB 13 RE impact drill, the most compact and powerful impact drill in its class and extremely handy.

We also sell all the most popular Bosch screwdrivers. For instance, workers can find the Bosch electric screwdriver GO PROFESSIONAL. It features a dual-activation mode and a mechanical clutch with 5 torque settings and it is lightweight and easy to use even in the narrowest workspaces. 

These are only a few of the tools that you can purchase in the Bosch power tools line on Mister Worker™. Have a look at the entire catalog here

Bosch Measuring Tools and Accessories: Laser Levels, Laser Measures and More

The Bosch Professional measuring tools line is a valuable option for those workers who have to operate in extreme conditions on the construction site and harsh environments. Bosch Measuring tools are designed to survive falls and bumpy rides, they are waterproof and dustproof, therefore, professionals can use them inside and outside. 

Discover the most chosen Bosch laser levels and Bosch laser measures namely, the Bosch GLM 50 C, designed with Bluetooth® connectivity and a complete range of functions such as the stake-out function and 360° tilt sensor and a rotating color display.

In the measuring line workers can also find the Bosch GMS 120 Professional detector, which is the favorite multi-detector in its class. This tool is widely used because of its extreme reliability and robustness, which allows the end user to concentrate completely on the job without other worries. The Bosch GMS 120 detector features an automatic calibration and it can locate metal and live wire in various wall types as well as wooden substructures in drywall. This tool allows professionals to detect objects in walls before drilling. 

On Mister Worker™, professionals can also purchase Bosch 18v batteries or accessories like Bosch router bitsimpact driver bitsmitre saws accessories and sets. 

All Mister Worker™ Bosch tools are guaranteed and highly professional. Have a look at our catalog, we are sure you will find what you need! 

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As an official and authorized online distributor, Mister Worker™ offers original tools and ships them in over 180 countries. If you are in need of powerful Bosch Professional tools and you want them to be shipped anywhere in the world, Mister Worker™ is what you need. For instance, you can easily receive Bosch tools in the USA, Canada, Bosch tools UK, France, Spain, Australia or Singapore, even in large quantities if required, requesting a custom quote.

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