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In a broad range of workshops, different types and sizes of workbenches are used for gluing items conveniently, fixing broken pieces of furniture, working with tile cutting machines, cutting a broad array of workpieces with saws, and planting various seeds inside pots. Workbenches are the most sturdy, smooth, and molded surface tables designed with a comfortable working height, adjustable worktop, maximum load-bearing capacity, non-slip rubber feet, and durable steel frame, making it the perfect choice for a large number of industrial applications. 

Workmate workbenches are the most advanced and innovative foldable work tables that are engineered with heavyweight steel design, one-handed clamp systems, and double elbow stops, allowing you to save much-needed spaces, and support several hundred pounds effortlessly. These highly portable workmate workbenches come with a long-lasting steel frame, dual working heights, adjustable swivel pegs, and perfect jaw retention grooves, making them the perfect choice for a number of handyman's work areas. Whether you are looking for an extra pair of hands for your workshop, save space, or support heavy weight workpieces and materials, when you choose Black and Decker Workmate Workbench, you can rest assured that you can get your most demanding jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Discover the complete range of Black and Decker workbenches available on Mister Worker™. We provide high-grade Black & Decker Workmate Workbenches, and deliver them throughout the world, no matter where you live. The Black and Decker workmate 301 -XJ - workbench is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with adjustable swiveling pegs, high-grade jaw retention grooves, non-slip rubber feet, a strong steel frame, double elbow stops, 630x890x130 mm (W x H x D) folded size, and 750 mm working height, enabling you for maximum efficiency, increased locking versatility, and reliable material grip. This best-performing portable workmate workbench is designed for stronger grip, greater versatility, ease to carry, assembly, disassembly, and effortless cleaning. 

The Black and Decker Workmate 550 WM550-XJ - dual height workbench is another best-selling product engineered with vertical clamping, two working heights of 775-595 mm, a maximum table width of 442 mm, a load-bearing capacity of up to 250 kg, and chipboard vice jaw opening materials, allowing you for increased flexibility, easy set-up and clean-up, greater clamping versatility, and maximum productivity. The Black and Decker Workmate 425 comes with dual height adjustment legs, heavy-gauge steel frame, one-handed Clamp™ system, adjustable jaws, and large working surface, making it the ideal choice for those who are looking for lower work height for larger projects, maximum load-bearing capacity, easy storage, and hold virtually anything.