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Black and Decker Compressor Complete Catalogue

These air compressors play a vital role in a broad range of construction industries by providing the ultimate power to different types and sizes of work tools. These compressors are used worldwide in both industrial and home applications for performing essential functions. Unlike conventional compressors, the Black and Decker compressors are engineered with a compact design, auto shut-off system, higher inflation power, and digital display, making it easier for a broad range of construction workers to finish everyday jobs effortlessly efficiently.

Explore the complete range of black and decker air compressors available on Mister Worker™. We offer a wide range of high-grade black and decker portable air compressors and deliver them worldwide. The Black and Decker compressor ASI200-XJ - 8,27 BAR 120 PSI is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a wire winding system, compact design, and 2V DC socket, allowing you for a wide range of inflation activities, efficiently storing the power cord and hose, maximum mobility, and increased versatility. This high-grade black decker air compressor is designed with an illuminated dial and automatic shutdown system that enables you to achieve the desired outcomes quickly and effortlessly. 

The Black & Ducker ASI300-QS - 11 BAR 160 PSI portable compressor is another best-selling product engineered with robust design, onboard accessory storage, cable storage, and an easily illuminated air dial. It enables you to handle the most demanding inflation tasks effortlessly, conveniently stores the power cable and hose, keeps your accessories safe and eliminates the risk of loss, and accurately sets the desired psi/bar for the application. The automatic shut-off feature of this high-performance portable compressor ensures more accurate results every time and no risk of over or under-inflating.