Mister Worker® has a great passion for car repair, which is why it offers a wide range of car workshop equipment and mechanical workshop equipment: car batteries, car boosters, bodywork equipment, engine repair equipment and much more.

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It has happened to everyone at least once in their life to find themselves with the car battery while you are traveling and, since you can not always call a tow truck or contact a friend to get help, it is always useful to have a car booster with you. This is a portable emergency starter, an electrical device that allows energy to be transferred to self-drained batteries. There are three types: longitudinal boosters, mixed boosters and transverse boosters. The longitudinal boosters are used to adjust the operating voltage, the transverse boosters to divide the electric load on different lines, the mixed boosters do both. A car booster is usually equipped with a 12V battery, with an energy supply capacity of 2250A: the clamps positioned at the ends of the cables allow you to bring energy to the self-discharged battery, giving it back to life.

In addition to car boosters, in the Mister Worker® catalog there are many high quality engine repair and brake repair tools, ideal for those who work in a mechanical workshop. A wide range of bodywork equipment is also available: tie rods, suction cups, straps and levers for crystals, nozzles, pliers and pullers, airbag kits... everything you need to repair a car body, equipment for indispensable car workshop. Airbag maintenance kits are available, made up of special steel tools designed for assembly and removal of the airbag unit, compatible with numerous car brands; various types of suction cups for glass and mirrors, adjustable for adaptation to both flat and curved surfaces and with practical shaped handles to guarantee comfort and maximum precision of use; and again, a set of tools to remove lights and sensors, useful for removing the enclosure where the rain and light sensors are contained. All the bodywork equipment that you need to make precise and professional repairs.

Several testers for car batteries, both analogue and digital, are also available. The new digital car battery testers are equipped with a printer, which immediately prints the results obtained: it is an excellent tool for repairers and mechanical workshops, because it allows to measure in seconds even completely discharged batteries from 6V to 12V up to 200Ah, whether installed on the vehicle or in stock in stock; moreover, it can diagnose the efficiency of the starter and starter motor, without damaging the electronic control units.