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ANNOVI REVERBERI Pressure Washers & Pumps

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On Mister Worker™, the online store of professional work equipment, you can find the well-known Annovi Reverberi professional high-pressure washers, the top of the range in the world, vacuum cleaners and over 50 different types of piston pumps. If you would like to learn more about how to use AR high-pressure washers, read our blog post and find out the features that are most sought after by professionals when purchasing a pressure washer. On our Youtube channel you can also find a playlist dedicated to the brand's Cleaning and Industrial solutions: learn more about the main features of its range of pressure washers and pumps. Join our community and subscribe to our channel!

Annovi Reverberi: High Pressure Washers and Industrial Pumps

Since its foundation, which took place in 1958 in Modena, Annovi Reverberi has always been a solid and modern company, constantly expanding and looking to the future with attentive eyes, studying in depth the technological innovations and trying to renew itself continuously. It is a lively company populated by talents, who work with passion every day to develop new projects and to constantly control the quality of the already existing products, in particular hot-water and cold-water high-pressure washers and piston pumps.

Throughout the years, the company has become one of the leading companies for what concerns the production of professional high-pressure washers, designed both for professionals and for private users. Today it has spread its presence internationally in over 100 countries around the world, with an extensive network of commercial and production sites, all aimed at fully satisfying customers, welcoming open-ended challenges that the sector offers on a daily basis.

AR Professional High-Pressure Washers

Within Cleaning Division Products you can find highly effective high-pressure washers perfect for several applications. They’re compact, extremely powerful and versatile and there are models both for applications with cold and hot water with a wide range of compatible accessories.
Cold water high-pressure washers, such as the ones included in the AR Blue Clean Line, the Dewalt Line or the Stanley Fatmax line, are able to remove the dirt in depth by exploiting the mechanical strength of the pressurized water, sufficient to remove most of the impurities from various surfaces. Take a look, for example, at one of the most traditional high pressure washers, the 14792 Twin Flow high-pressure washer, equipped with Dualtech System and a Fast cleaning mode which improves drastically the performance of the washer.

Unlike cold water models, the hot water high-pressure washers can generate steam. The combination of steam and hot water jet at high pressure is perfect to thoroughly clean any type of stain and sanitize the treated surface. Check out the washers included in the AR Blue Clean line, such as the Pro Hot Line high-pressure washer, a high-quality and durable washer with a 3 Axial stainless steel pistons wobble-plate pump.

The Best Piston Pumps for All Industrial Applications

The company, thanks to its know-how and attention to detail and high-quality components, has been able to develop a full range of piston pumps characterized by different technical characteristics and suitable not only for cleaning, but also for industrial applications such as misting, reverse osmosis and dust suppression.

The brand's piston pumps are compact, silent running, equipped with ceramic pistons to guarantee longer life and require minimal maintenance.
An example is the 228 SERIES, a range of 3-piston alternating volumetric pumps to use on cleaning units and industrial systems. This product line includes both solid shaft (such as the solid shaft pump 20661 with connecting-rods in bronze and nickel plated brass head) and hollow shaft pumps. They’re available in different models varying in Power (KW); in any case, they are all equipped with tapered roller bearings, connecting rods in zinc-aluminium or bronze alloy and ceramic pistons.
Other really valid piston pumps are, without a doubt, the ones included in the 194 SERIES, such as the 20224 HXW 1450 rpm electric motor-pump units with connecting-rods in aluminium and brass head: a triplex pump with one-piece ceramic piston, double gasket sealing system and induction electric motor.

Why choose Annovi Reverberi?

First of all, choosing AR means relying on a company that, throughout the entire production process, pays the utmost attention to every detail, from the choice of the material for the components to the tests in extreme situations, to guarantee only the highest quality and performance in the field. All products are 100% Made in Italy, without outsourcing the work, but relying on trained technicians who thoroughly plan and control all the work equipment before placing it on the market. Its reliability is confirmed by the fact that every single product is created following production processes that comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and is tested before being sent to the customer.
In a nutshell, AR has managed to achieve high performance standards for 60 years and expand its presence on the market while maintaining the same Made in Italy quality. What distinguishes this manufacturer is, indeed, the attention to detail and its predisposition to evolve and develop over time. On Mister Worker™ you can find the entire range of the brand's professional high-pressure washers and piston pumps, which you can purchase in just a few clicks regardless of where you are!

Mister Worker™ is Annovi Reverberi Official Reseller

Mister Worker™ is an AR official reseller: this means that the complete catalogue is now available for you online! The catalogue does not only high-pressure washers and industrial pumps, but also vacuum cleaners and a wide range of accessories.
Moreover, since Mister Worker™ is an official dealer, you can make your purchases in complete peace of mind: all the professional high-pressure washers and industrial pumps that you find in our catalogue are covered by the official warranty of the manufacturer. This means that in case of any problem, you can contact our team of experts and the issue will be solved as soon as possible. 

Special Offers on AR High-Pressure Washers

Finally, we would like to draw your attention on the section of our website dedicated to the brand's special deals, where you can find a selection of the best high pressure washers and industrial pumps on the market at really affordable prices chosen by our experts to allow you to discover and experience the high quality of this 100% Made in Italy brand. For example, within the category of cold water high-pressure washers, take a look at the best seller 14588 cold water High-pressure Washer with tempered stainless steel pistons and a 3 Axial stainless steel pistons wobble-plate pump or the 14671 pro high pressure dewalt washer (160bar, 2900w) equipped with a premium quality 2800 RPM motor pump and a crankshaft system with three ceramic coated pistons, which ensure a longer useable life.
Should you have questions, require custom quotes or need technical assistance, feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible!