Working in the aeronautical industry means equipping yourself with specific, highly precise and reliable tools. Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of tools for aeronautics: screwdrivers, Allen screws, bits, wrenches, pliers, cutters, torque control tools, lamps, up to the assortment of tools for aviation, already complete with everything you need.

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Specialised aeronautical tools - FACOM and Stahlwille

Do you want to buy aeronautical tools online? Are you looking for specific torque control tools or tool sets for working in aviation? Whatever your needs, in the Mister Worker™ catalogue you will find the most suitable aeronautical tools for your professional needs. In the aerospace catalogue you will find specialized tools from FACOM and Stahlwille brands, from insulated hand tools to specific lamps for working in low light conditions, together with fluorescent tools, to tool sets, tool boxes and tools suitable for aeronautical maintenance.

You can find a wide selection of aeronautical tools, such as specified torque control wrenches, available for immediate delivery: compact ratchets, torque wrenches, disengagement wrenches, inserts for torque control tools, electronic torque control wrenches. All professional tools that are tested extensively before being placed on the market, and that pass strict quality control tests. They are sold with a regular safety certificate, so that they can be used safely even in delicate situations.

In addition, the Mister Worker™ catalogue includes fluorescent tools for aeronautics (wrenches, pliers and cutters): these are hand tools with a special sheath on the handle that can be seen even in the dark. They are ideal in low light situations, because they allow you to find your work equipment easily. This selection goes hand in hand with the offer of aircraft lamps.

If you can't find what you were looking for or if you need to renew your work equipment with new aeronautical tools and you want a personalized quote, don't hesitate to contact us: our technical consultants and an award-winning customer care are at your disposal. Write us from the contact page to request quotations, more information or general assistance.