Mister Worker® is an official USAG Tools UK dealer. The brand produces the highest quality hand tools, roller cabinets & tool trolleys for maintenance and MRO. On our store you can find a wide variety of hand tools including wrenches and T-Handle Keys and tools for the electrotechnics, electronics and automotive sectors. Moreover, on our website is available a wide range of storage solutions, such as tool boxes and roller cabinets.

A short history about USAG tools: 100% Italian quality

Founded in 1926 by Hermann Amos, the business's primary goal has always been meeting the needs of all workers by producing not only hand tools for plumbers and electricians, but also aviation, automotive tools and more. Because of the performances they provide, the brand's tools are widely chosen by professionals in every sector!

The firm has always been committed to delivering top quality hand tools for professionals. Thanks to frequent collaborations with important brands (such as Ducati Rosso, Ferrari and Red Bull), the company has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative professional tools. Furthermore, USAG is an ECOSMART® brand, constantly striving to achieve the company’s productive goals in a sustainable way and without harming the environment. 

Today, the brand is a major player in the tooling industry, working alongside maintenance and workshop professionals for over 90 years. The company has always produced top quality professional equipment that ensures outstanding results, durability and complete safety in use.

Discover the USAG tools UK complete catalogue: wrenches, hex keys, screwdrivers, tool boxes and much more

As an official reseller, Mister Worker® offers the full catalogue online. On our online shop you can purchase more than 5000 work tools! All products are immediately available and shipped in a very short time. 

For example, check out the wide variety of wrenches, screwdrivers, T-handle hex keys (such as the 280 T, which is one of our most successful products), torque wrenches and various tool sets. For example, take a look at the AX clamps set: these extra-long half round nose pliers and cutting nippers have been designed to ensure a high performance with minimal effort. Their handle is made of soft and resistant plastic material, which guarantees a lower muscular effort than the previous models. Moreover, the cutting edges are designed for a simple, fast and very precise cut, ideal for working on different materials. Another top-selling article is without any doubt the 285 C short combination wrenches, which are available in 16 models and have a ring and open head bent at 15°. We should not forget also the 042 tweezers with straight tips and guide pin, made of an acid-resistant and anti-magnetic stainless steel, as well as the 0-41 tweezers with long rigid tips

Our wide assortment includes not only hand tools, but also tool boxes and roller cabinets. This category includes cases, chests and vertical storage solutions. Take a look at the case with assortment for maintenance 002 JMA: it comprises 181 products for general preservation, contained in a very resistant case with Aluminium section shell and metal reinforcements. The case is also equipped with a double metal closing hinge with lock, which helps to ensure a complete protection. Discover the 646/5LV tool box, made of  highly sturdy materials, and provided with 5 empty compartments. This tool box is spacious, so you can store and transport all your tools with great comfort. The catalogue also incorporates highly resistant roller cabinets such as the sprint and start and the racing roller cabinets, perfect for organising the workshop or the work environment in general. 

Another category that should be considered is the one of the Matrix modular components for van and truck storage. This product line helps professionals in every sector to store and move great amounts of tools and accessories in a fast and efficient way. The Matrix series includes flat, panelling, shelving, drawer units, cabinets, as well as accessories for drawers and perforated panels for tools. All the components are available in different sizes, so that they can be put in vans of every type and dimension.

Morerover, our catalogue covers pneumatic tools and lamps. Among the most popular products is the rechargeable LED floor lamp 889 RT, specially developed for workshops. Designed for the lighting of large work areas, it is very resistant, so it is perfect for outdoor use. Moreover, it is wireless, so it can be easily transported anywhere. These features make it very versatile and suitable for multiple purposes in the workplace.

High quality tools for professionals: plumbers, electricians, automotive technicians and more

Surprises do not end here: Mister Worker® also offers a wide selection of the brand's hand tools that will meet the professional needs of plumbers and thermal-hydraulics. On our website you can find the complete range of pipe turners, pipe cutters, countersinks, pipe benders and washbasin keys. The 311 N pipe wrenches represent a good example of what you can find in this category. They feature thin, straight jaws bent to 45°, that can open to 100 mm, and are made of chrome vanadium steel.

Our online shop also provides you with the right tools to satisfy the needs of electricians, offering a huge choice of hand tools for electrical engineering. Insulated screwdrivers, multimeters and testers, wire strippers, crimping pliers and thermometers are just a few examples of what you can find in the catalogue. Take a look, for example, at the 076 A digital multimeter: it measures voltage and current AC/DC, frequency, resistance and capacity. Moreover, this instrument calibrates automatically, stores data and is furnished with a pair of insulated tips. 

Find the best USAG tool deals

Mister Worker® has an entire section dedicated to the special offers where you can find several offers on professional tools with very special discounts. 
Take advantage of Mister Worker® advantageous prices and purchase the best professional tools for car and motorcycle workshops, mechanics and repair shops. For example you can find boosters for starters, oil recovery units, oil filter wrenches, phasing kits and torque wrenches.
Among the various deals, you can find some of the so-called Iconic Products such as the 294 AG adjustable wrench or the 443 NC Fast oil-filter wrench.

Another great deal is represented by the 207 E professional scissors for electricians. This tool features a stainless steel structure that gives a high-level resistance, has a blade with anti-slip micro-toothing, as well as a cable cutter on both blades. The bimaterial ergonomic handles guarantee unprecedented comfort and ensure great cutting performances with minimum effort. 

Check out also the 810 N torque wrench with reversible ratchet: it provides an accuracy ± 4% of the preset torque value, as well as readings in Nm. Moreover, when the preset torque value is reached, this torque wrench emits a clearly perceptible alarm. Lastly, this tool resets automatically on pressure release after disengagement.

Continue to browse the deals section to know more about our best-quality products and purchase them at the best prices!

USAG Tools UK: Official warranty on all products and custom quotes

Are you from Britain, Scotland or Wales? Well, Mister Worker® is the right place for you, since it provides professionals across the globe with high-quality tools, covered by the official warranty. Moreover, in order to meet the professional needs of our customers, our team of specialists draws up personalised quotes with ad hoc quotations and discounts for large orders over time.  If you would like to receive a custom quote, then contact one of our sales representatives.

Should you have any questions, we suggest you fill in our contact us form and we are going to answer you as soon as possible. We also provide you with technical help and assistance throughout the entire purchase process.