STANLEY 1-77-160 - Al24 Optical Level

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IN BRIEF Stanley 1-77-160 - Fits to standard tripod. Water & Dust resistant: IPX-4 (dust & water resistant) . Magnetically dampened, wire hung compensator. DESCRIPTION Fits To...
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1-77-160 EAN: 3253561771606

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€ 563,00
€ 341,74

Stanley 1-77-160 - Fits to standard tripod. Water & Dust resistant: IPX-4 (dust & water
. Magnetically dampened, wire hung

Fits To Standard Tripod
Sealed, Dust & Water Protected For Working
In All Conditions
Available In 360 Degree Or 400 Gon
1:100 Stadia For Estimating Distance
Right Angle Prism For Easy Bubble Viewing
Top Mounted Optical Peepsight For Ease Of
Compensator Lock Protects Unit In Transit
Magnetically Dampened, Wire Hung
Compensator For Optimum Accuracy & Range
Operating Range: 90 M
Leveling Accuracy: +/- 1,6 Mm @ 50 M
Self-Leveling Range: 3 Screw Setting And Compensator
Automatic Compensator +/- 2 Degrees
Compensator: Magnetically Dampened
+/- 0,8
Operating Temperature: -6 To +49
Operating: Built For All-Weather General
Water & Dust Resistant: Ipx-4 (Dust & Water
Accessories: Level, Plumb Bob, Lens Cover,
Allen Wrench & Adjusting Pin, Manual
& Hard Protective Carry Case, Tripod And
Measuring Rod

Why Is Stanley 1-77-160 AL24 Optical Level the Perfect Choice for You?

Optical levels are the most efficient and high-performance instruments designed to establish the elevation of a point relative to a datum or verify the points in the same horizontal level. In a broad spectrum of surveying and construction projects, these optical levels are used for measuring and transferring height differences and setting heights of known objects or marks. Most of the conventional optical levels are not designed with high-grade stadia lines, right-angle prism, high-quality optic peep sight, and higher levelling accuracy, thus limiting you for increased accuracy in estimating distance. However, the Stanley 1-77-160 AL24 optical level is engineered with 1:100 Stadia, IPX-4 dust and water-resistant, top-mounted optical peep sight, and high-grade compensator Lock, making it perfectly suitable for those who are looking for easy bubble viewing, rase of ranging, and protecting unit in transit. 

The Stanley Optical Level 1-77-160 -AL24 comes with a levelling accuracy of +/- 1,6 Mm @ 50 M, +/- 2 degrees automatic compensator, and an operating temperature of -6 To +49, enabling you with extreme levelling accuracy, less complexity, and increased productivity. This highly innovative Stanley AL24 Optical Level is the ideal choice for those who are looking for magnetically dampened wire hung, a high-grade compensator with the finest/with the most refined level of accuracy, an operating range of up to 90 m, and a perfect self-levelling range. 


  • Size (cm): 21x20x133

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