Mister Worker® is an official Stanley UK dealer. It is a worldwide renowned brand that for over 170 years has been producing an extremely wide range of hand tools, power tools, tool boxes and accessories. Since its foundation, the business has been committed to providing professionals across the globe with innovative, high-performance, durable products that meet all requirements. As examples of the articles you can find in our online shop we can mention knives and blades, laser levels, staple guns, screwdriver sets as well as tape measures and tool boxes. 

A Long History of High Quality and Reliability

Founded in 1843 by Frederik Stanley, the group was born as a small business engaged in the production of bolts, hinges and hardware in wrought iron. Over the years, the business established itself as one of the world leading companies in the production of professional tools. 

The brand enjoys a great popularity among professionals because of the reliability, durability and quality of the tools it offers. The whole range of more than 150 tools is designed to provide the best technical solutions and maximum working comfort.

In 2010, the Stanley Black & Decker group was born with the aim to introduce innovative products on the market of work tools. Since then, the brand keeps on developing professional hand tools, power tools and storage solutions on which several industries and professionals rely to achieve successful results. 

Stanley UK online catalogue: Knives, Laser Levels, Tape Measures, Tool Boxes and much more!

On Mister Worker® you can find the complete brand's catalogue, regularly updated with new products and special deals on selected items. The choice is really wide: from screwdriver sets, to knives, from tape measures to laser levels, as well as planers. We are sure that on our online store you will find whatever you’re looking for to expand your tool assortment!

Buying on Mister Worker® is really easy: all products are accompanied by a really detailed technical data sheet and images that will help you choose the perfect tool for your professional or private needs. 

Check out, for example, the section dedicated to laser levels. One of the top-selling products is the STHT77499-1 Cubix® Laser Level with green beam, a portable self-levelling laser with an extremely high accuracy and a 16 m working range. 

Another well-known category is the one of storage solutions, where you can find top-quality rolling workshops, furniture and  tool boxes. Within this category, we warmly recommend the top-selling STST1-80151 Essential 3 in 1 rolling workshop and the STST1-75514 toolbox with plastic hinges available in three different dimensions.

Regarding other items, we suggest you check out the 0-10-819 knife , featuring an extremely durable aluminium body and a stable, high-performance blade that can be easily replaced without tools. When changing the blade, a magnet ensures that it stays firmly in place. The blade compartment allows you to always have a spare blade in case of emergency. Then we'd also like to recommend the trolley STST1-79231, made of polypropylene and featuring 3 stackable compartments and a tool tray. The transport is facilitated by a comfortable telescopic handle and large wheels. Lastly, take a look at the saw horses FMST1-75763, featuring folding metal legs, polypropylene side hinges, and having a large load capacity of up to 900 kg.

Fatmax®: Top Quality Patented Tools

The brand's catalogue available on Mister Worker® also includes its top-quality FATMAX®professional tools. Every detail of these professional tools is designed to optimise the yield and therefore productivity and comfort of use. If you are looking for the best professional products on the market, this line is perfect for you!

This category features tool boxes, bags and backpacks of modern design, realised in fabric and provided with ergonomic handles and shoulder strap. These products are easy to carry and very useful for tool storage. Moreover, in our catalogue you can find different saws, such as the 2-17-206, whose unique tooth form reduces burring and ensures an excellent cutting performance.

Within the Fatmax range, some of the top-selling products are knives such as the 0-10-818 Fixed XL Blade Knives, which are sold in 6 pieces . In this product line you will also find brushes, for drills or combs, pliers, multi-purpose nippers and many other products.

Tape measures represent another popular type of products of this serie. Take a look at the Autolock tape XTHT0-33671: it is an high-performance tool, which features a patented reverse lock mechanism, that ensures a better control of the tool and gives the blade a longer life. 

Regarding other items that you can find in this line, we recommend the 18V drill SFMCD700C2K, which works according to two mechanical speeds, has a self-locking chuck and an LED light for efficient lighting of the work area. This drill has a rotational speed of 1,500 rpm, so it offers high efficiency. As for toolboxes, we would like to recommend you the FMST1-80107 model. This product includes three boxes stacked one on top of the other and is a very useful means of storing work equipment, from small parts to power tools. Plus metal hinges and a padlock closure make these boxes extremely secure. Also take a look at the Cantilever tool case FMST1-72383. This gives you a varied assortment of tools and has wheels and a telescoping handle for convenient transportation. 

Discover the best Stanley Deals on Mister Worker® 

Mister Worker®  provides you with the best deals on the brand's tools, included in the special offers section, which is regularly updated. Take advantage of these chances and purchase new items at incredible prices. You can find for example the FMST1-75530 tool box with an assortment of 100 pieces, or also the 1-95-622 rolling workshop with a very special discount! 

Moreover, check out  the 1-33-218 tape measure, that provides accurate measurements both inside and outside and has a significantly high resistance to abrasion. Last but not least, also the FMHT1-77356 laser is currently on special deal on our online store! It sends green rays intersected at 360deg., features a shockproof rubber casing and has a pendulum lock, which is useful for projecting slanted lines. Continue to navigate this page and shop now on Mister Worker® all the tools, storage solutions and accessories on offer!  

Stanley Tools UK: Official warranty valid on all products

Are you from Britain, Scotland or Wales? Well, Mister Worker® is the right place for you, since it provides professionals across the globe with high-quality tools. To find out more about top-selling Stanley tools, check out our article about laser tools. Moreover, if you want to place large orders, contact one of our sales representatives to get a custom quote. Lastly, we would like to remind you that all the professional tools available on our store are covered with the Official Warranty. If your purchase has defects, or you would like to get further information about the products in our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service is ready to answer all your questions.