Mister Worker® is an official Stahlwille UK dealer, the world leader in torque as well as hand tools for various industries. On our online shop you can find a wide variety of mechanical and electronic torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, along with a wide range of spanners and socket sets. Moreover, the brand's catalogue incorporates specific tools for plumbing and electrical engineering, including pliers and cutters, tool sets, together with  tool boxes and trolleys. 

The History of Stahlwille Torque Wrenches

The company was founded by Eduard Wille in 1862. His vision was to create a new company focused on producing a series of forged steel tools specifically made for combustion plants. The turning point in the brand's history was in 1899, when Wille's sons took over the company: great transformations began and, already in 1901, a large number of high quality tools for working on delicate machines, mechanics and shipbuilding had been introduced.

From that point on, the production of tools has been constantly growing and about 80% of the company's production was exported abroad, all throughout Europe. The expansion of the company and the extension of its catalogue, which already in 1955 contained more than 3000 tools, led to a significant increase in the brand's reputation worldwide.

Today, the brand's products are exported to 90 countries worldwide and are used in industry, automotive and aeronautics. They are chosen by the main facilities for their reliability and safety, as well as for their extreme precision. Due to this, the company is considered the undisputed leader in the production of torque tools. In addition, the German firm was the first to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Check out the Complete Stahlwille UK Catalogue: Torque Wrenches, Socket Sets, Spanner Sets, Tool Boxes and more

On Mister Worker® you can purchase the whole catalogue. You will discover a large selection of professional products such as torque wrenches, socket sets, spanners, tool boxes, roller cabinets, workbenches and much more.

Among the top-selling products, we can find the electronic torque wrenches. An example is the well-known Sensortork 701: this tool is very thin, easy to operate and some of its main features are high quality, precision and security. Thanks to its compact shape, this torque wrench can be used for measurements – also with different measuring units - on smaller torques.
Another popular product is the Manoskop 730D: it is a patented torque wrench with a special switching ratchet wrench, equipped with a QuickRelease safety lock and an overload protection with an acoustic and optical warning signal. It comes with a practical, sturdy and resistant case, which has a two-component handle specifically designed to withstand oils, greases and phosphate-based liquids.

Discover also the Manoskop 730 Quick, designed and produced  with QuickRelease safety lock, convex handle and interchangeable insert tools. This tool is perfect for those professionals who need extreme efficiency, improvements of work results, and prevention of material damage.

Regarding other products included in the Mister Worker® assortment, you should consider the 12910 adjustable hook spanners for slotted nuts or the 418QR ratchet Quickrelease as well. This latter product is characterized by reduced dimensions and a slim shape, and, as a consequence, is ideal for working in narrow areas. 

Download the official Stahlwille catalogue in PDF format to explore the complete range offered by our online shop.

The best Stahlwille Deals

Mister Worker® provides you with great deals on all the brand's tools. We suggest you check our page dedicated to the special deals so that you can find a great selection of tools at the best price on the market and renew your work equipment in one click! In this section of our website you can find the Tool Trolley 13217, an amazing, intelligent storage solution, at an incredible price!There are super promos also on tool boxes, as well as screwdrivers sets, like the Drall set of 9 Screwdrivers, and spanners, including the set 13A OPEN BOX.

One of our best deals is the famous Sensotork® 701 electronic torque wrench, an accurate, ergonomic and versatile tool. Its slim and compact shape makes it perfect for torques of different dimensions. The security in its use is enhanced by the Integrated fine-tooth ratchet and the Quick-Release safety lock. The use of this torque wrench is intuitive thanks to the simple single button controls, which facilitates the  Adjustments. Like all the torque wrenches and tools of the German brand, this model comes with regular certification.

Moreover, additional functions for these tools are provided by the Sensomaster 4 software, which can be downloaded for free upon registration on the official website of the brand. With this program you will have the possibility to set the tightening situation, evaluate the tightening process through colored LEDs, buzzer and vibration, set the calibration interval and, finally, keep in memory all the measurements you make.

The section of the brand's deals also incorporates the Manoskop 730 NR torque wrench with installed fine-tooth ratchet, contained in a sturdy plastic case. This product ensures fast, accurate settings thanks to the QuickSelect adjuster. Moreover, this torque wrench features an easy-to-read double scale with color coding in order to to differentiate between N·m/ft·lb and ft·lb/in·lb scales.

Mister Worker® is a Stahlwille UK Dealer, providing official warranty

Mister Worker® is an official reseller which ships all over the world. In fact, Mister Worker® is widely chosen by professionals of more than 180 countries. For instance, you can easily receive the brand's high quality tools in Britain, Wales or Scotland, even in large quantities if required, requesting a custom quote.

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All the German manufacturer's products purchased through our website are covered by the official warranty, a symbol of the quality and the durability of the products. If you have any questions or you need advice or assistance, our experts are available for you: contact us and our customer service will reply to you as soon as possible.